Monday, September 28, 2009

Ash starts A-Z project, drops the rock?

As far I as knew, Ash was a British rock band - sometimes stomping, sometimes trying to be epic - but definitely a British rock band. A pretty good one too. Their new single, "True Love 1980," makes me think of 1984. Or a TV theme song. Either way, I was less than thrilled.

That said, let's get to the reason I really decided to write about the song: I think the A to Z thing is a clever adaptation of the "let's release a bunch of singles instead of an album" concept. I don't get the A to Z thing, since the letters clearly have no meaning for the songs, but I like the rest of the concept.

I've never actually paid for an Ash album. At 99 cents a pop, though, I might buy about an album's worth because. Which is true for a lot of bands that can't manage to put out an entire record I want to listen to.

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