Friday, September 11, 2009

The Aliens land. Again.

My introduction to the Beta Band came with the release of The Three EPs in the late 90s. For most, however, the first mention was via High Fidelity:

The band put out a few more great records before finally breaking up sometime in late 2004. After which, the members went on to other projects, as band members often do.

Robin Jones and John Maclean formed The Aliens, along with help from another former Beta Band member, Gordon Anderson - who became known as Lone Pigeon after BB broke up.

Unlike the Lone Pigeon work, or anything else on earth, The Aliens retain not only much of the magic, but much of the sound of Beta Band. Sort of a folky, sampleadelic, trip hop vibe that naturally radiates through your ears like a groove you didn't know you were feeling.

Last year, the band put out Luna, a great album if ever there was one. This year, they're release a special edition that comes with a 60-page book.

I'm sure the book - limited to 1000 signed copies - won't be cheap. I'm posting this so that ya'll can check out a great band that hasn't got much attention. So listen to the mp3 and get the records.

The Aliens - Sunlamp Show

The Aliens
The Aliens on Amazon

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