Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beasties get Nasty with remaster.

The Beastie Boys complete their remaster series next Tuesday with the official rerelease of Hello Nasty, the late 90s masterpiece that cemented the Beasties as a cultural center.

They were, of course, at the height of their powers, and not just because of a fantastic new record with a new sound. The band was also flying high with its Grand Royal imprint, finding deep, different artists from Buffalo Daughter to bringing Alec Empire and his Digital Hardcore Recordings stateside.

This week would have marked the release of the Beastie's latest pile of awesome, Hot Sauce Committee p. 1, but the album was pushed back as a result of Adam Yauch's cancer diagnosis. While the man gets healthy, the band wants us to keep it moving...

From the email to fans yesterday:

Hello citizens of the world and beyond.

Once again all may rejoice and celebrate the deluxe and multi- faceted re-release of Hello Nasty.

Please check this link for details on the plethora of previously unreleased material (seriously though - practically an entire record of unheard cuts):

The patch that comes with the deluxe vinyl version will make your grand ma's knitting circle jealous and on and on.

- El Bando

Practically an entire record of unheard cuts?!? This is either gonna be really good or really bad.

Check out the new Hello Nasty site (link above) for buying options - which are the same as they were for Paul's Boutique, Check Your Head, and Ill Communication - including option to download the mp3 action NOW.

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