Monday, September 14, 2009

Enough with Kanye already.

Finally, we get not only a great VMA show but one that's worth talking about - for both good and bad. I don't know how long it's been, I didn't cringe today when I discussed MTV's annual circus.

I'm sick of hearing about Kanye though. Look, he was a douche. And he was a douche to a genuinely decent person, who also happens to be an 18-year-old girl. Beyonce has class, and made up for Kanye's drunken tribute/tirade. I'm sure that Taylor is over it now too.

In light of this, let's remember two great performances that helped to make the show worth watching at least one more time.

Lady GaGa brought production and shock value back to the show. She definitely won some new fans last night, myself included. (Yes, that damn ad annoys the piss out of me but the video is high quality and I refuse to watch garbage.)

And then Green Day tore the roof off. It's a shame Billie Joe didn't push Pete Wentz off the stage at the end too. (This video isn't as high quality. Kinda wishing for that ad at the bottom now, huh?)

Russell Brand, once again, was hilarious and hugely offensive. The Michael Jackson tribute was good - Madonna gave one of the more heartfelt speeches about him I've heard since his death, and then Janet Jackson lip synced her parts of "Scream." Pink sang while performing Trapeze. And Beyonce and Jay-Z did their thing, well, as always.

It's like MTV feels guilty that they're giving up the Times Square studio because it marks the end of their over-the-top era. Maybe this year's VMAs were a sign the network is about to start putting some effort into it again. I hope so because the last few years have been among the worst they've had.

Maybe all they really need is to throw a good party and let people get wasted on live TV again. Aside from Kanye last night, it's never failed to work!

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