Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cool bands get Roofless in Miami.

So, Miami's Roofless Records saluted the Death to the Sun party last Saturday, which I was not invited to and probably wouldn't have gone to. Not because I don't want to see a bunch of little-known bands kick out the jams (ooh, did I just rhyme there - fuuuuck!), but more because I wasn't going to Miami on a Saturday night. C'mon, I'm a lame old man with children. I've got better things to do, like sleep Tebow's concussion away.

Anyway, I took a look at what happened on their site/blog. Aside from looking pretty swank - which taking over The American Legion hall will do - a couple of bands set my ears on fire. Correction: the music posted to their MySpace pages set my ears on fire.


Samplers, a guitar and vocals doing the moody ethereal lo-fi thing. "I Told You So" and "Pin Up" sound like they would fit in among the Joy Division and Bauhaus set, minus the suicidal tendencies. Skipping through the rest of his mixpod selections, the potential is clear. I think I've had dreams about the noise Tee Pee bashes out in the Wiggly World live video too, which only made me dig this more. (The Wiggly World video is below, but the "studio" stuff will be infinitely more listenable for most. This should tell you where my head is though.)

Electric Bunnies

Doing a cute indie rock thing. I get a mid-90s, we like the underground feel. Great album art. The animation for the "Sailing All Along Tonight" the stop-motion animation video really makes it, and I bet this song kills it live. Roofless says they were really loud, so I know this kills it live.

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