Friday, September 25, 2009

Beak> pecks their way into the world.

What I suppose was the formal unveiling of Geoff Barrow's new project Beak> crossed my Gmail earlier this evening packaged as an update to the Portishead mailing list. As one-third of the much-worshipped band - and since a decade passed between their second and third albums - this is exciting news.

The music that comes out is like the Beastie Boys in live instrument mode working over a strange cross-section of Sunn O))), Mr. Scruff (or something equally Ninja Tune-y) and, well, Portishead. Everything was recorded in one room and performed live, with no overdubs, just edits for arrangement.

Aside from a brief explanation of the group were links to a six-song preview of the debut album from Beak>, a link to a blog/bio, and a link to the video for "Iron Action," which I guess is the first single off of said album:

The debut album from Beak> is out October 19 on Ipecac Recordings.

Oh, and here's some live Sunn 0))) as a bonus...

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